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My Chandlery Story

I have long had a connection with Hampton Court and I was lucky enough to grow up just across the river from the Palace. As a child I spent many a weekend playing in Bushy Park, somehow managing not to fall off the big slide! My friends and I would go into what is now the Privy Garden and roll down the slopes, swing on the rope swing over the river at Cigarette Island and I know The Maze like the back of my hand!

I worked as nanny for several years and when the children were babies I would push their prams through the gardens most days, feeding the tame robins in The Rose Garden and the ducks on the Thames. Those same babies were bridesmaid and usher at my wedding in the Palace Garden Room some years later and we walked with my Dad and bridesmaids through The Rose Garden to the ceremony. It was the Flower Show that day and my husband and I return every year on our anniversary.

These days I can be found pushing my daughter on the swings by the Thames or walking my rescue dogs in Bushy or Home Park, It is very much my 'happy place' (dog behaviour notwithstanding!) 

My candle making started as a hobby - just one of my many creative pursuits. I made them firstly for myself and then for friends and family. As word spread, I found that I soon had a thriving cottage industry and decided to dedicate myself to it full time. One of the things people loved about my candles was the fact that they were locally made. With this in mind, I looked to my beautiful home town for inspiration and here we are: local candles made by a very local person. This is a collection of quintessentially English scented candles inspired by Hampton Court, from the hedgerows lining the Thames to the Rose Garden at the Palace.

If like me you have called this place home or if you live further afield what better way to experience the evocative scents of Hampton Court and all its idyllic charm.

With love,

Lynsey x